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Natural Dye Kit for Fabrics & Yarn

Natural Dye Kit for Fabrics & Yarn

Introduce the beauty and wonder of creating color from nature with our Natural Dye Kit, suitable for dyeing cotton, wool and silk fabrics and yarn.

This kit includes all the ingredients needed to dye over 12 feet of lightweight fabric, or approximately 21 ounces of yarn, in light to medium shades of pink, orange, yellow and purple. 

Also included in the kit is alum (a food-safe ingredient made of potassium aluminum sulfate) and tannin powder (made from the galls formed on oak trees) which act as the mordant that binds the dye to the fabric.

The natural colors are created using beautiful ingredients direct from nature:

  • Logwood Chips - Soft Purples
  • Osage Sawdust - Shades of Yellow
  • Ground Madder Root  - Peach and Orange
  • Cochineal - Shades of Pink

Follow the step-by-step instructions to make the most of your kit and enjoy learning natural dyeing techniques. 

Children can also have fun dyeing small items or garments.

NoteThese dyes can only be used to dye natural fibers including cotton, wool and silk, but not synthetic fabrics. 

Important: For older children and adults. Children should only use with adult supervision.

  • CONTENTS : 3 oz. alum, 1 oz. gallnut, .5 oz. logwood, .5 oz. osage, .5 oz. madder, .25 oz. cochineal
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