Why Only 2 Hours of Play?

Why Only 2 Hours of Play?


We are passionate about creating a safe, engaging, and enjoyable environment where kids can explore, learn, and have a blast. We've already gotten questions about our decision to limit play sessions to 2 hours! The biggest one is WHY?!?! A few reason, but mostly these five listed below! 

  1. Considering Children's Attention Span:

Children, especially those in early childhood, have naturally shorter attention spans compared to adults. Research suggests that the average attention span of a child is approximately 2 to 5 minutes per year of their age. Taking this into consideration, we have carefully set our playtime limit to ensure that children remain focused, engaged, and get the most out of their play experience.

  1. Promoting Productive Play:

We believe in the power of play as a vital tool for children's development. However, it's important to note that the quality of play matters just as much as the quantity. Studies conducted by child development experts indicate that children engage in more productive and meaningful play during the initial 60-90 minutes of an activity. After this period, attention tends to wane, and play can become less focused and less beneficial to their growth and learning.

  1. Maintaining an Optimal Play Experience:

To create an environment that fosters maximum engagement and benefits for children, we have designed our play sessions to align with their attention spans and productive play periods. By adhering to a 2-hour limit, we ensure that children have ample time to immerse themselves in exciting play opportunities, while avoiding fatigue or boredom that may arise from extended periods of play.

  1. Allowing for Rest and Recharge:

Children, like adults, require breaks and rest to recharge their energy levels. By implementing a 2-hour playtime limit, we enable children to take short breaks, hydrate, and refuel, ensuring that they can continue their play with enthusiasm and energy. These breaks also provide an opportunity for children to socialize, interact with their parents or caregivers, and make new friends.

  1. Encouraging Family Involvement and Balance:

At The Nest Play Cafe, our decision to limit play sessions to 2 hours is driven by a comprehensive understanding of children's attention spans, the concept of productive play, and the significance of balance in their lives. By providing an optimal play experience, allowing for rest and recharge, and promoting family involvement, we aim to create a play environment that nurtures children's growth, development, and enjoyment.

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