Things to do Indoors with Kids in New Castle County

Things to do Indoors with Kids in New Castle County


As the colder weather sets in, families in New Castle County may be looking for indoor activities to keep their children engaged and entertained. Fortunately, the area offers a variety of indoor play areas and museums that are perfect for fun, educational experiences. Here’s a look at some notable indoor destinations:

  • Delaware Children's Museum: Situated on the Wilmington waterfront, this museum is an ideal destination for children of all ages. With interactive exhibits like the Stratosphere Climber and a cardboard maze, it provides a perfect blend of learning and play​​.

  • Jurassic Funland: A dinosaur-themed adventure space that offers educational and entertaining activities and exhibits, ideal for young dinosaur enthusiasts.

  • Creation Station: A creative arts and crafts center where children can explore their artistic side and engage in various hands-on activities.

  • Delaware Museum of Nature and Science: Located in Wilmington, this museum features "Pop Up Science" events, where kids can participate in STEAM experiences, including live animal presentations and science demos. The museum also hosts exhibits that explore Delaware’s landscapes and different world biomes, including dinosaur displays​

  • Winterthur: Known for its stunning gardens and historical collections, Winterthur often organizes family-friendly and educational events, perfect for a day of indoor exploration and learning.

  • Natural Nest Play Café: Then of course our very own Natural Nest Play Cafe. This unique venue combines the excitement of a play area with the community atmosphere of a café. It's an excellent place for children to engage in imaginative play in a nurturing environment. There are classes, aged based meet ups, homeschool meet ups, open play and more. 

Each of these locations offers unique experiences that cater to different interests and age groups. From interactive science and nature exhibits to creative arts and themed play areas, these indoor destinations in New Castle County are perfect for families looking to spend quality time together, especially during the colder months.

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