Starting an Eggshell Garden

Starting an Eggshell Garden

Have you tried starting seeds in eggshells? It’s a perfect afternoon activity for families, kids love it because it is part craft and part gardening and whole fun! You can actually start seeds in anything but eggshells are becoming a family favorite in my house. Plus the eggs offer a bonus for the seeds, a bit of nutrition as they degrade into the soil. 

This is a great activity for kids who are curious about gardening. This can teach them how to plant and water seeds. My preschooler calls it her own garden and she takes care of it pretty well! 

How to Start Seeds in Eggshells

What you need: 
  • Eggshells
  • Carton
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Seeds
  • Spoon
Step 1: Gather your cracked eggshells.

Rinse the cracked eggshells before using them.  The shells don’t have to be evenly cracked or perfect, just enough to start your seed on its way. 

Step 2: Fill each eggshell with seed starting mix.

Arrange your eggshells in a paper egg carton. Using a spoon, fill each eggshell pot with soil. (Pre-moistened seed starter is best)

Place two or three seeds (small seeds work best)  in each eggshell according to the seed’s instructions.

Place the carton in a sunny window (South facing is best)

Make sure to keep the seedling moist! You can do this with a spray bottle every couple of days. Make sure you don’t overwater (unless you’ve created drainage holes in your eggshell)

Step 3: Thin 

Once all your seedlings have emerged, snip the weakest or smallest ones to allow the largest seedling room to grow.

Step 4: Transplant 

After your seedling develops its second set of leaves (also called true first set), you can transplant the seedling into a larger container, or directly in your garden.

When it is time to transplant gently crush the shell with your fingers and remove a few shards around the bottom. You can plant the whole thing this way, or put the eggshell in your compost bin if you have one! The eggshell will decompose over time in the soil, feeding extra nutrients to your seedling. (Yay double win)

You can also add the paper egg carton to your compost bin as well! 

Fun tip: Make it themed (maybe a salad garden, tea garden or a pizza topping garden) and get them excited about growing their own food they can actually envision eating).

Need Ideas on What to Plant? We’ve got you covered.

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