Positive Affirmations for Bedtime

Positive Affirmations for Bedtime

We’ve all heard about creating bedtime routines in order to help your children get to bed at night. I’m here with an idea that works in my household which benefits myself and my children. After we say our prayers we say a list of five positive affirmations. Some we say all the time and others we will switch. With my younger children every night, I say the affirmation then have them repeat. With my oldest daughter, we go back and forth I say one then she says one. I let her know it is okay to repeat. We do this weekly as I try to instill in her to do it herself the other nights.

Here is a list of positive affirmations even the youngest ears can learn to understand:
  • I am kind
  • I am patient
  • I am intelligent
  • I am creative
  • I am grateful
  • I am hardworking
  • I am peaceful
  • I am confident
Tips on Using Positive Affirmations
Speak in Present Tense

It’s okay if you aren’t there yet but you can help put that positivity into the universe and mentally put yourself in the frame of mind in which you desire. Want to be more patient? Speak it into existence. “I am Patient.”

Reinforce Discipline in a Positive Way

Is there something you and your child have been working to achieve? Without getting into details you can use affirmations to reinforce those. A bit of trouble with obedience? “I am obedient.” Of course, you never want to use this time to say “I listen to my mother when she tells me to do xyz” That’s a bit too specific (and long). But that also reinforces a negative experience from the day which can cause the child to think about that over and over before bed rather than the positivity you are trying to create.

Let them add their Own

Each night once we do our five, I ask what else are you? Sometimes my 4-year-old will repeat one we have done that night and other times (to my heart’s joy) she will add her own. Then in turn she will ask us “What are you?” and that means mom and dad have to say our own as well.

Open for Conversation

Explain new words. What does confidence mean to your child? This is a great time to define a word and truly talk about what this means and how to apply it to life. Once in a while this is great but don’t make it a chore for the child or they will resist.

I love this because we are all working on things in life. This creates positivity in both the children and yourself. Affirmation time is a bonding moment no matter the age. It also sets the tone for the end of the day in order to have good dreams.

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