Our Favorite Kiddie Subscription Boxes!

Our Favorite Kiddie Subscription Boxes!

Subscription services for kids have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing parents with a convenient and cost-effective way to keep their little ones entertained and engaged. Here are some of the best kid subscription services that offer a variety of options for different ages and interests.

  1. KiwiCo: KiwiCo is a popular subscription service that delivers hands-on STEAM projects for kids of all ages, from infants to teenagers. Each box contains age-appropriate materials and instructions for a different project every month, such as creating a robot, building a solar system, or making a slime lab. KiwiCo also offers a range of crates that cater to specific interests, including art, engineering, and geography. Try Kiwi Co Here for a discount. It is a favorite in our house!

  2. Little Passports: Little Passports is a subscription service that encourages kids to explore the world through fun and educational activities. Each month, children receive a themed package that includes a letter, souvenirs, and activities related to a different country or state. Kids can learn about geography, history, culture, and more while having fun. This one has smaller pieces that my older kids like not so great for little ones. 

  3. Reading Bug Box: Reading Bug Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers personalized books to children based on their age, interests, and reading level. Each box includes two to four books, a surprise gift, and an activity guide that encourages kids to develop their love of reading. Reading Bug Box also offers a podcast, music, and live events that promote literacy and imagination. Literatti is another reading box we use that is fun for kid! 

  4. Raddish Kids: Raddish Kids is a cooking subscription service that teaches children how to cook and bake while promoting healthy eating habits. Each box contains a recipe, a cooking tool, a collectible apron patch, and a grocery list that parents can use to shop for ingredients. Kids can learn about different cuisines, kitchen safety, and teamwork while having fun in the kitchen.

  5. Tinkering Toddler Crates: Tinkering Toddler Crates is a monthly subscription service that delivers sensory-based activities and toys for infants and toddlers. Each box includes materials and instructions for two to three activities that promote learning through play. Kids can develop their motor skills, language, and creativity while exploring different textures, colors, and sounds.

These are just a few of the many kid subscription services available today. Whether your child loves science, art, cooking, or travel, there is a subscription service out there that can spark their curiosity and imagination. With a monthly delivery of fun and educational activities, you can keep your kids entertained and engaged while supporting their growth and development.

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